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Miley Cyrus shocked people at the VMA's. Get the teddy bear Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume and twerk all night long. No clue where to get the Robin Thicke costume or foam finger.

The NES Belt Buckle is made from Nintendo Controllers, it is a cool retro belt buckle. Super mario bros would be jealous of your Captain-N style belt buckle. As seen on the TV show Big Bang Theory. Not metal buckles, they are actual retro nintendo controllers.

People who are looking to make a cool fashion statement often go to great lengths to pull this off. It's a combination of their creativity together with their innate personal fashion sense along with the confidence that their creations look good that allow these people to start a new fashion trend. Do you want to be the first among your group of friends to start a new one?

We already have the SNES buckle made available so maybe we might see a buckle of the DSi XL in the near future as well. The NES belt buckle allows you to look cool without sacrificing the functionality of your belt buckle. The NES belt buckle is a pretty neat-looking retro belt buckle made from brand new replica Nintendo Entertainment System controllers and the good news is that they do function as a real belt buckle. Double the nesbuckle with Custom Startup Shirts and you've got yourself a party. These cool belt buckles are ideal as gifts or presents for those who love dressing fashionably or simply as a simple memento of those who grew up with their beloved NES and SNES video games!

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